Feminine Moodiness? Feeling Crazy!? C’mon in!


PMS photo

This one is for the ladies in the house!

If you have never used pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils to calm your craziness, you are missing out!

One essential oil that is great for females is Clary Sage (I am sure it can calm a man too…).  A few of its many benefits include:

1.  Soothing monthly discomfort associated with menstrual cycles.

2.  Helping balance hormones.

3.  Soothing nervous tension and lightening mood.

4.  Calming and soothing to the skin.

There are also “crazy female” oil blends that are even more beneficial.  Please email me for this.

This oil blend’s benefits include the above benefits, including that it provides temporary respite from cramps, hot flashes and emotional swings.  Whoo-eee!  That’s good enough for me to buy 10 gallons of it!

As with all of the oils, you have to re-apply as needed throughout the day.  But less is more – use small amounts frequently throughout the day rather than large amounts all at once.  These oils are 100% natural and don’t contain any synthetics or toxins, so it’s okay to reapply as often as you feel the need to.

For info on the oils I mentioned above, or to find out which high quality oils I specifically use, please contact me at:  karekorn@gmail.com.  Happy to help!




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