Feeling Crazy!? Mood Swings? C’mon in!

PMS photo

This one is for the ladies in the house!

If you have never used essential oils to calm your craziness, you are missing out.   They have been a world of help to many a female in during their time of the month and/or menopause.

There are certain essential oils that help stimulate menstruation when the body is a little slow.  Some oils actually help decrease a heavy flow.  If that’s not enough, other oils help with emotional support and agitation during those PMS moments of frustration.  And last but not least, there are oils that help in regulating the female hormones.  God really thought of everything when making plants for us!

Below are a few essential oils that may help ease your menstrual discomfort – whether physical or emotional:

CLARY SAGE (salvia sclarea)

1.  Soothes abdominal discomfort
2.  Helps balance hormones
3.  Soothes nervous tension and lightens mood

GERANIUM (pelargonium graveolens)

1.  Overall support for female hormones
2.  Uplifting for negative emotions
3.  Relieves menopausal discomforts
4.  Helps control heavy bleeding

LAVENDER (lavendula angustifolia)

1.  Helps improve blood flow
2.  Calms intensity of cramping
3.  Helps balance hormones
4.  Calming/relaxing for emotions

ROSE (rosa damascena)  (VERY $$$$$$)

1.  Helps stimulate proper hormone levels
2.  Helps in regulation of menstrual cycle
3.  Eases abdominal discomfort
4.  Helps with PMS symptoms

Each of these female-friendly essential oils contain multiple therapeutic benefits different than the other.  While they can each be used separately, they provide great relief during your monthly war time (a/k/a menstruation!!) when used together in a blend with some fractionated coconut oil or sweet avocado oil.

I have a blend of oils at home that I use each month to help me keep my calm, and ease abdominal discomfort.  I call it my “Happy Week” blend.  I swear, when I use it I almost feel euphoric.  I bring it to work with me, in a rollerball bottle, and when I get agitated, I run to the restroom with it.  There I will take my shoes off, roll it on the bottoms of my feet and rub it into my abdomen.  With the remaining oil on my hands, I then cup my hands over my mouth and breathe in deeply a few times.  This has proved very helpful!

As with all essential oils, you have to re-apply them as needed throughout the day with regard to easing discomfort.  And remember, less is more – use small amounts frequently throughout the day rather than large amounts all at once.  This is a good key to remember – not just during menstruation, but for as a rule of thumb for any essential oil usage.

When I had surgery this past January, I was lucky enough to get my period the day of surgery.  Knowing that they wouldn’t let me take any Ibuprofen while I was there, and knowing that Tylenol doesn’t work for me, I brought along my “Happy Week” blend to help me get by.  The student physician kept commenting on how nice my room smelled!

If you are not sure where to start in making your own blend, I’d be happy to help formulate one that is right for you.  Contact me below.  I’ve noticed over the years that while one essential oil may work for one person, it may not work for another.  Formulating the correct blend for your specific issues is basically trial and error.  But for the most part, each of the oils mentioned above should be helpful to you.  They are also versatile – they can be used for many other reasons other than menstrual discomfort.

DISCLAIMER: Not all essential oils are created equal.  Most oils are adulterated, and contain fillers and/or contaminants.  I use oils from a company that gives full disclosure pertaining to each plant’s country of origin, testing and third-party testing, to guarantee absolute purity.   100% pure essential oils will provide higher therapeutic benefits.  Please do not ingest any essential oils before speaking with a Certified Aromatherapist like myself, or someone with extensive knowledge of essential oils.

Karen Kornichuk
Certified Aromatherapist
and Member of the National Association
for Holistic Aromatherapy



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