Essential Oils Display Shelf



I have decided that my essential oils need a proper home.  They deserve to be presented in a special way – not stashed in a box on my nightstand!  I have seen so many creative cabinets and cases for oils around the oil community, and I wanted one that represented my own personal style: Rustic.

I took a trip to Hobby Lobby (a wonderland of aisles I could get lost in for hours!) and found the perfect cabinet.


(FYI – in case you didn’t know, if you go to the Hobby Lobby store, bring your smart phone.  Go to, click “Coupons” and show it to the cashier.  They will take 40% off of one full-priced item.)  I almost paid full price for this cabinet, but the super cool cashier told me about the online coupon!  Bless her!

All I needed were some risers so that I could have 2 rows, one higher than the other, to present my oil bottles.  After searching the entire store, 2-3 times for some sort of contraption to act as a riser, I came across some balsa wood.  A little stain and some sponge applicators and I was all set.

In just 5 minutes, my risers were complete.


I looks great in the dining room, on the wall near our kitchen.  I cook with some of the oils, so it is convenient there, as well as a great conversation piece when I have company over!

Should you want to learn more about essential oils, and their many health benefits, or to find out which oils I specifically use, please contact me at:



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