Frankincense Oil – When in Doubt, Use It!


A boswellia frereana tree, from which frankincense oil is originated.


One of the most precious of ancient oils is frankincense.  Before learning about essential oils, I never imagined I would actually get the chance to ever smell this ancient oil.  I had only read about it in the Bible and heard about it in Sunday School class at church.  It was one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus by one of the 3 kings.  It always seemed to me to be such an out-of-reach, ancient oil.  To my surprise, it was being used in the present day by many people around the world to promote wellness.

Like myrrh (another one of the gifts presented to baby Jesus), frankincense is a resin (dried tree sap), and has been considered precious and valuable for many years – even “sacred.”  It is used for many reasons, such as:

1.  Helping build and maintain a healthy immune system.

2.  Promoting cellular health.

3.  Reducing the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenates skin.

4.  Supporting healthy immune system function

5. Promoting feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness.


Dried tree sap from the Boswellia frereana tree.

In 3000 BC, frankincense had more value than gold and was sometimes referred to as “liquid gold.”  Now, in modern times, frankincense is in the spot light again due to it’s wellness and relaxation properties.


Frankincense is difficult to source, which makes it one of the priciest oils (among others like, jasmine, myrrh, helichrysum, Melissa, etc.).  The frankincense I use comes directly from the indigenous region that the plant is from.


Ways to Use Frankincense:

1.  Topically – Can be applied neat directly to the skin (neat) (or diluted in a carrier oil to spread the oil across a wider space on the body).

2. Aromatically – When diffused, frankincense promotes clarity and focus.  It also helps with nervousness.

Essential oils are best diffused with either an ultrasonic or a nebulizing diffuser.  Here are a couple of diffusers that I like:  This one, and this one.

3.  Internally – Can be taken in gel caps or with honey.  Also, a drop can be placed on the thumb and pressed to the roof of your mouth to help with tension and nervousness, or 1-2 drops under the tongue to promote cellular wellness.

I use frankincense on a daily basis under my tongue and on the bottoms of my feet to promote general wellness.  I also throw in a calming and grounding oil blend (email me for these), for uplifting my mood and maintaining relaxation.  I tend to be a more hyper, intense person by nature, so this really helps me not scare people away!

Should you have any questions about this oil, or any of the blends I mentioned, or about the oils I specifically use, please contact me at:




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