To Be, or Not to Be, a Certified Aromatherapist?


I’ve been a rep with a very well known essential oils company now for 4 years.  While I get gobs of education and information from them, I figured it was about time I take that leap and go one step further in my botanical therapy education to become a Certified Aromatherapist.

I’ve always tried to educate my clients/customers as much as possible with information on how to safely use essential oils and help them figure out which to use, but now I can do it with much more confidence and knowledge.

Sure, I knew enough about essential oils to get by, and what I didn’t know I’d just ask my team or Google it.  I mean, Google has the answer to all things, right?  😉  Totally kidding…please don’t rely on Google as your answers to everything.

Becoming a Certified Aromatherapist has given me much more in the way of business and educational opportunities than I had ever had before.  There are various types of work you could do with this title, besides sales, and I cannot wait to find my niche!

For those of you who love learning about oils, or even do it as a business, I highly recommend getting certified.  With Certification, you will:

  1. Have the education and certification to back up your business.
  2. Feel even more empowered to take your health into your own hands.
  3. Feel more confident explaining essential oils and their benefits to others as you will understand the science behind them.

I am beginning to think that all sales representatives who educate on and sell essential oils should become certified before teaching anyone how to use them.  Or at least get extended training from their uplines.

As for certification courses, there are multiple levels of certification.  My school also has extra courses to further your education in various specialties.  My school of choice is approved by NAHA and taught mainly by Jade Shutes.

Jade Shutes is a past President of NAHA, and has been studying the science and use of essential oils for over 20 years.  She’s studied and worked in France, among other countries and is extremely knowledgeable.  Jade, as an instructor, is very soothing to listen to and makes it very easy to learn.  Her love of plants and natural alternatives is evident, and she loves to teach.  The audio and video clips make it easy to sit back and listen from the comfort of your own home.  The school also has a Facebook page where students can interact with each other and ask questions.

So, what school is it?:  The New York Institute for Aromatic Studies (they recently changed the name from The School for Aromatic Studies).  Click here to be directed to their website:  The New York Institute for Aromatic Studies.

I completed their first foundational course.  This course gives the title of Certified Aromatherapist, Level One once complete.  The course is online, which allows you to work through the modules as quickly or slowly as you wish.  This was perfect for me because I work full time as a legal assistant.  I was able to fit my studying in during my free time, although it took me a year to complete because life kept getting in the way!

Once you complete all of the modules and quizzes, you will then need to find five people to be your case studies (i.e., guinea pigs).  Your case studies will give you hands-on aromatherapy experience by helping these five people with any health issues they might have by creating various aromatherapy products for them to use.  Please note that it takes at least 4 weeks to complete your case studies.  You might have an experience like I had, wherein a couple of my case studies did  not respond to my emails when following-up with them.  I had to be vigilant in following up with them myself.  You will find that people are not always as reliable as you would like them to be.

When your case studies, and reports on each of them, are completed and submitted through the website, you will need to take a final exam.  It’s pretty short and you can use your notes.  Piece of cake.

Once your case studies and final exam are complete, the school will mail your certificate to you and you’re ready to become a member of NAHA!

If you have any questions, I’m always available to answer them.


Karen Kornichuk
Certified Aromatherapist
Member of National Association
for Holistic Aromatherapy







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