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Today’s Blog is all about Marriage Retreats, and how you can save $100 on the BEST one out there.

So, I know this blog is for essential oils, but I just HAVE to share my experience at a FamilyLife marriage retreat with you.  

My husband and I recently went to one of FamilyLife’s many “Weekend to Remember” retreats and had a wonderful time learning about what makes a good marriage, all while enjoying the hilarious speakers!

These retreats go on throughout the year all across the country.  They have marriage experts, top speakers (always funny people!), fun couples merchandise and books.  It is like a mini getaway, and we so needed that!

How many couples do you see who invest in everything else BUT their marriage? Sadly, way too many. 

We decided we would try it out, get away for the weekend and invest in what is the most important relationship we will ever have in our lives.

We haven’t had a vacation in a while, and while we are happy together after many years together, we could always stand to learn something new.  And…for some reason, staying in a hotel always seems to stir up romance.  Woowoo!  

The retreat starts out at the hotel on a Friday evening, for the first/intro session of guest speakers.  The 2 guests at our retreat were AWESOME!   So funny!  One was a married couple, and the other was a married man whose wife doesn’t like to speak on stage so he spoke solo.  We were laughing so much all weekend it was such a great release of those daily stressors.

Here’s us when we first got to the hotel room…feeling a little goofy and laughing hysterically at who knows what:

Saturday morning, after you have breakfast, you go to the morning session.  
Here’s our view during breakfast.  So serene… (except for the goose that kept attacking another goose, because apparently the pond wasn’t big enough for the both of them!):

After the morning session,  they break for lunch.  After lunch, there is an afternoon session. 

Then they let you have the evening off to go on a “date night.”  You are supposed to make reservations somewhere ahead of time, and have a romantic evening with your spouse.  We loved the restaurant we chose – maybe a little too much – because we came back to the hotel WAY too full to enjoy the rest of the evening.  Our bad. 

Sunday morning, after breakfast, there is a morning session.  We skipped this one because it was a session where they split up the men and women, and you listen to designated speakers of your own sex.  I am sure it was as great as the rest of the retreat, but we didn’t want to separate!   God has done some intense healing in our marriage and we we’ve been feeling like newlyweds lately.  (Sorry if it makes you gag…it is just great to feel so good again!) 

The stories we heard from the speakers were eye opening and touching and funny! They told us of some couples at past retreats who came there with divorce papers in the car…and left feeling they should give their marriage another try. Beautiful.

So, we loved the retreat so much that we decided to become volunteers for FamilyLife, and spread the word about their retreats and help out any way we can!  Although thousands attend these retreats every year, there are still so many couples who could benefit from attending. 

If you’re interested in investing in your marriage, or having marriage troubles, or just want to get away from the kids for a weekend!!…you should definitely check it out for yourself.  I highly recommend it!  I can save you $100 off registration, so it won’t be so hard on your pocketbook. 

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Watch this funny promotional video from FamilyLife:

If you go, I’d love to hear your story!!