How do I use essential oils daily?


Every time I introduce someone to essential oils, they ask how they can incorporate them into their daily lives.  Easy peasy.  You just start with one oil at a time and work your way up as you learn more about each oil.  Otherwise, you may become overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there, and the plethora of uses for each and every oil, and then throw your hands up in defeat.  It is so sad to see that happen, and I’ve seen it happen, because essential oils and aromatherapy are so beneficial to our bodies.

When I first start using essential oils in 2014, I started with oils that would help my mood issues.  I started using calming and uplifting oils every morning and every night on the bottoms of my feet, or on the back of my neck.

Then, I started using peppermint oil for various reasons, such as to give me a chill and cool me off during the 90+ degree weather in the summer (I also hot flash like I’m menopausal!), as a breath freshener, and in my homemade toothpaste and deodorant.  I use it for clearing my nasal passages by breathing it in deeply a few times, from a drop rubbed between my palms.  And, it’s great for keeping away the spiders!

Next, I added frankincense to my regimen for its relaxing and mood-lifting properties, and also to help build and maintain a healthy immune system.  This oil is a part of the big leagues.  It is one of the best oils to promote cellular health, and I had to have it.  What I love about “frank” is that it acts as an “intensifier” to the other oils you’ve applied.  That’s right, it helps them become more effective.  How awesome is that?  It’s no wonder it was given as a gift to baby Jesus, it is highly valuable!

I also started using melaleuca (“tea tree”) oil to cleanse and rejuvenate my skin when it got too oily, or if I had a blemish or two.  Just dab a tiny bit of oil on it 3 times a day, and it will start to dry up.  And, if I have a canker sore, I dab melaleuca on it a few times to help ease that nasty sting – and it even seems to “cauterize” the sore, for lack of a better word.  This helps your body repair itself.

Below is a step-by-step list of my own personal daily oiling routine (I don’t always follow this routine religiously, but you get a nice little picture of how you can incorporate oils into your own life):

1.  Every morning, after showering, I apply 2-3 drops of calming and uplifting blends (comment below for my favorite brand!), and I layer 2 drops of frankincense over those.

I will also cup my hands over my nose/mouth and breathe in the remaining oils deeply for added olfactory benefits.  Various oils, when inhaled, help to relax, calm and promote an overall feelings of well-being.  And believe me, I have ALL of them in my arsenal.

I also put 2 drops of frankincense under my tongue for to promote cellular health, or a specific blend of oils that also help in that area. (email me to find these oils).

2.  Before brushing my teeth, with my homemade toothpaste (see recipe here), I will add a drop of peppermint oil to my toothbrush for added freshness.  The toothpaste already contains a little Peppermint oil, as well as a immune system enhancing blend of oils, to provide a soothing protection for my mouth, gums and throat, and to strengthen teeth through remineralization of surface tooth enamel.


3.  After lunch, rather than chewing Trident (like I used to do 4x a day!), I place one drop of peppermint oil on my tongue and swallow.  This provides the mouth with a burst of freshness, if you do not have a toothbrush with you at work.  Trident, and many other gums contain aspartame, saccharin and other nasties that are not good, especially if you’re chewing it as much as I did.

4.  Not long after lunchtime, I may or may not need to rub a drop or two of a digestive-soothing oils onto my belly.  If I was a good girl and ate healthy, I don’t need the tummy taming oils!  These digestive enzymes aid in the proper digestion of foods that are hard to digest (i.e., meats, dairy, etc.), and soothe the occasional stomach upset.  They also support a healthy gastrointestinal tract.  These enzymes are phenomenal for one other reason – they also aid in digesting gluten!  I’ve never seen another product out there like that.  Pretty sweet, and incredibly helpful.  Comment below for my favorite digestive enzymes.

5.  As the 3:00 p.m. crash closes in on me, I whip out the peppermint oil as a pick-me-up.  After rubbing only a drop to the palms of my hands, and breathing in deeply, I am more alert and ready to take on the afternoon.  You can also place a drop on the back of your neck or on your wrist and breathe in deeply.  (If you have sensitive skin, be sure to dilute peppermint oil – it is a “hot” oil and you may feel a burn!)  Lemon, or any of the other citrus oils, will also help wake you up and even uplift your mood.  (NOTE:  When using citrus oils, do not let it be exposed to the sun for 12 hours or so, because some are photosensitive and can cause severe burns).

6.  After work, I may rub another drop or two of calming and uplifting oils (email me for these) on the back of my neck, and breathe it in from my hands.  This is to either help me relax or lift my mood for the evening.

7.  If I am wired from working the 9-5, I will put a drop of frankincense on the roof of my mouth, and rub a blend of oils such as: peppermint/cypress/basil/lavender on the back of my neck to promote relaxation of tense muscles.  This helps me begin to relax.

8.  Just before bedtime, I will wash perform my daily skin care regimen, and then I’ll gently rub an anti-aging blend of oils (diluted in evening primrose oil) onto my face before applying a light layer of night cream.  This blend contains anti-aging skin-supporting oils, such as frankincense, lavender, myrrh, helichrysum, sandalwood, etc.  Very soothing, great for those fine lines and wrinkles and does not clog pores!  And believe it or not, it actually minimizes the red scars that you get from blemishes (the ones that usually stick around a looooong time).  LOVE, gumdrops, unicorns and lollipops – that’s what I think about that!

9.  Then, I brush my teeth again with a drop of peppermint or a thieves-type of blend onto my toothpaste (I don’t always do this – I’m lazy a lot of the time and skip this step).

10.  And last, at bedtime, I rub  calming and soothing blends of oils onto the bottoms of my feet and big toes.  I may add in a little vetiver oil (a sedative oil) too.  If there’s any left on my hands, I’ll rub it across my pillow.  The best oils for sleep are lavender, a certain pre-made calming blend, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver.  I am sure there are more, but those are the best that I know of!

I am wary of diffusing oils throughout the night, because a particular cat of mine hates the scent of essential oils (as most cats do – since many are toxic to them).  He retaliates by leaving me a liquid “present” on my bedspread.  So far I’ve had to bring my bedspread to the laundromat 3 times ($8 each time!) to clean/dry it because it’s too large for my own washer/dryer.  Now I only diffuse oils at bedtime if I need help with respiratory issues.

Our bodies were created to heal themselves during sleep, so it is important to always be able to reach a deep REM sleep.  For general physical and emotional health, and also for skin health.  When using my favorite sleep oils, I wake up more refreshed from having a deeper sleep, and it does not make me drowsy.

Then, I wake up and do it all over again…


I don’t even remember what life was like before using essential oils, to be honest.  They’ve become such a staple in my life and I know that I will always use them.  It’s so exciting to have everything I need for every issue you could think of, right at my fingertips.  It’s empowering, and fun, and I get to use my creativity when blending.

DISCLAIMER:  Not all essential oils are created equal.  Most oils are adulterated, and contain fillers and/or contaminants.  The essential oils I use are 100% pure according to full disclosures of sourcing, testing and third-party testing for absolute purity by the company.  Please do not buy oils from the store and assume that they are pure without first contacting a professional.

Karen Kornichuk
Certified Aromatherapist
and Member of the National Association
for Holistic Aromatherapy



Homemade Toothpaste


Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your store-bought toothpaste?  Yeah, I didn’t either until I started caring more about what I put in and on my body.

The ingredients listed below that I am most concerned about are the sodium laurel sulfate, carrageenan, “flavor,” and sodium hydroxide

According to this article in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, sodium hydroxide is found in many industrial solvents and cleaners, including flooring stripping products, brick cleaners, cements, and may also be found in certain household products, including:  aquarium products, drain cleaners, hair straighteners, metal polishes and oven cleaners, etc.  Interesting…why is it in our toothpaste?

Over the weekend, I ran out of toothpaste.  I need to save money, so I figured I’d make my own.  I found a recipe on Pinterest and tweaked it a little bit to my liking.

You simply mix all of these ingredients in a bowl, scoop it into your container, and you’re done!  Tada!  My, my, that is some tasty-looking frosting toothpaste.  It is about the same consistency as store-bought toothpaste.


Peppermint Toothpaste

1/4 cup + 2 TB coconut oil, softened
1/4 cup aluminum-free baking soda
1/2 tsp fine sea salt
1 tsp bentonite clay (I used liquid bentonite)
½ tsp liquid pure stevia
10-15 drops peppermint essential (see note in red below)
5 drops thyme essential oil
5 drops of myrhh essential oil

In a medium bowl, combine the coconut oil and baking soda.  Mix thoroughly.  Add in the remaining ingredients and mix.  Store in a jar or a squeezable bottle.  (Note: When mixing bentonite clay, please use a wood or plastic spoon.  Bentonite clay should not come in contact with metal because it deactivates the clay’s detoxifying properties.  Bentonite clay isn’t necessary for this recipe, it is an added benefit).

So, how simple is that?!

UPDATE:  Since I started using this toothpaste, my mouth and teeth feel cleaner, my teeth look whiter, and my lips aren’t so dried out.  Usually, I apply chapstick as much as 20 times a day!  But, I feel that the coconut oil provides the needed moisture.  I am loving this toothpaste – my husband even loves it!

DISCLAIMER: Not all essential oils are created equal.  Most oils are adulterated, and contain fillers and/or contaminants.  I use oils from a company that gives full disclosure pertaining to each plant’s country of origin, testing and third-party testing, to guarantee absolute purity.   100% pure essential oils will provide higher therapeutic benefits.  Please do not ingest any essential oils before speaking with a Certified Aromatherapist like myself, or someone with extensive knowledge of essential oils.

Karen Kornichuk
Certified Aromatherapist
and Member of the National Association
for Holistic Aromatherapy