Homemade Eggnog With Essential Oils

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‘Tis the season for a delicious mug of creamy, nutmeg-y goodness.

I’ve been wanting to taste the difference between homemade eggnog and a bottle of Dean’s thick and creamy store bought eggnog.  I have discovered that homemade eggnog is SO. MUCH. BETTER.

I wish I’d have doubled the recipe before making a batch for my family’s Christmas Eve party, because it was gone within minutes.  We loved it so much that we made it again the next day.

Adding a drop of cinnamon or cassia essential oil will give it a much deeper flavor than ground cinnamon from the shore.  Cassia oil gave it an especially unique sweetness.  Ahh!!  I love my oils!   Just make sure you only use one drop…they are potent and it may ruin the flavor of the actual nog should you use too much oil.

Below are photos of the process, so that you can see how it should look.  The actual recipe is at the bottom of this blog.

Here’s the recipe I used, and will be using every year from now on.  It is simple and easy to make.  Give it a shot if you have some extra time!


3 cups whole milk
1 cup heavy cream
1 drop cassia or cinnamon essential oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp grated nutmeg, plus more for garnish
5 eggs, separated
2/3 cup granulated sugar

In a saucepan, combine milk, cream, cinnamon oil, vanilla and nutmeg.  Bring to the boil over a medium heat. Once boiling, remove from the heat and allow to steep.

In a large bowl or stand mixer, beat egg yolks and sugar until combined and thick ribbons form when the whisk is lifted.  Slowly whisk in the milk and continue to mix until the mixture is combined and smooth.

Before serving, beat the egg whites in a large bowl or stand mixer until soft peaks form. Gently fold into eggnog until combined.  Store in the fridge for up to 3 days in a tightly sealed pitcher.  Or serve immediately.  If refrigerated, shake it before you serve it.  Garnish with grated nutmeg or cinnamon.  Serves 8.

I hope you love it as much as we did!

Merry Christmas!!

Riskrem – Norwegian Rice Pudding Dessert



Who doesn’t love a creamy, sweet dessert, that comforts your heart and tummy on a cold winter’s night?  I know I do!!

As a child in a Norwegian home, once in a while I’d watch my mom boiling what looked like a pot of milk for a couple hours.  The aroma that filled the kitchen was almost like oatmeal, but sweeter.

She would get a craving for this dish once in a while because it was something her mother used to make her as a child. So she’d make a batch just for herself – no one else wanted it for some reason.  I didn’t know what I was missing out on!

She told me it was called “rice pudding,” and that Norwegians ate it on Christmas Eve (except we never did for some reason). The real Scandinavian name for this dessert is Riskrem (pronounced ‘rees krem’).

Me and my immediate family are 100% Norwegian, but there are only a few traditional baked items mom actually made.  She’d talk of all kinds of traditional Norwegian foods that her mother would make her, and I figured I’d never get to try them.

When I got older, I found myself loving the taste of the Mexican horchata drink. Little did I know that this was the exact flavor of riskrem, and future favorite dessert!

I began buying rice pudding at the market on my way to work.  Unfortunately, store bought rice pudding is filled with BHT preservatives and Lord knows what else.

I needed to find a good recipe that I could use as our own family tradition on Christmas Eve.  Thanks to the Internet, I found one.  It’s SO DARN GOOD.   Yerrmms!!  This could be dangerous.  The plan is to make this for Christmas every year, along with krumkake and maybe some spritz cookies.  Better late than never to start traditions, right?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


3/4 Cup medium or short gained rice
4 Cups whole milk
pinch of salt
1/2 Cup sugar
1/4 tsp almond extract
1 Cup heavy cream
Berry syrup, cinnamon or lingonberries
*optional – 1 drop Cinnamon essential oil


Cook rice, milk and salt, covered in a double boiler over low heat, stirring occasionally, until almost all the milk is absorbed (approx. 1.5 hours).

Remove from heat and stir in sugar and almond extract, then cool in refrigerator until cold (overnight is best).

Whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks form, and fold into the cold rice mixture.  Serve cold with either cinnamon shaken over the top, or a little berry sauce on top.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!


COPYCAT Culver’s Peanut Butter Cup Frozen “Custard” (with coconut milk)

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Whew! Try to say that recipe title 5 times fast!

Ok, so there are no essential oils in this recipe, but I had to post this here because it is just THAT good, that I needed to share it with the world – or at least my 5 or 6 fans. 😉  Also, above are the ingredients/brands that I used.  Sorry…they’re not exactly healthy, but sometimes life is too short to be boring.

So, when you are low on funds, and have a sweet tooth, you have to improvise.  I do it all the time these days.  It is actually sort of fun to create and use up stuff in the house that would normally go bad and get tossed.

When we are craving something sweet we usually run out and pick up some concrete mixers from Culver’s.  We all get the same order – double peanut butter sauce, and double Reese cups in a chocolate-flavored frozen custard “concrete mixer.”  Heaven in a plastic cup.

The other night I needed a chocolate/peanut butter fix.  Knowing we had to be careful with cash flow, I stepped into the kitchen and looked around.  All I had was a handful of mini chocolate chips. (Only a handful because my teen son eats them straight out of the bag when we don’t have a dessert in the house).  Teen boys…they will eat you into the poorhouse and ruin your future dessert-making plans. 😉

So, I put my brain to work and came up with the perfect dessert!  And, my family LOVED it!

(NOTE: The extras in the recipe below (Oreos and Reese cups) are optional.  We only add them when we have the extra cash, but it is still a super tasty dessert without them!)

I just so happened to have about 10 cans of Thai Kitchen unsweetened coconut milk at my house – just like any logical human being would.   The coconut milk is used as the base for my frozen “custard” recipe.  And toss in a bunch of things that I thought would make it taste good and BAM!  I. am. a. genius.  Not really, but I did come up with a delicious dessert.


4 Tbs mini chocolate chips
2 cans unsweetened coconut milk, cold
3 Tbs powdered sugar
1 tsp cocoa powder (optional)
8-10 Oreos, crushed to fine crumbs
1+ Cup of peanut butter
10.5 oz bag Reese cups (optional)

1. IMPORTANT – EARLY PREP:  1 DAY BEFORE (or at least a few hours before), put both cans of coconut milk in the fridge.  This separates the milk from the water in the can, and hardens the milk so that you can scoop it out.  Toss the remaining coconut water (or save it to use in a smoothie!!).

2. Crush 12 Oreos, if you are using them, into fine crumbs and set aside.

3. Break up 8-10 Reese cups into small chunks and set aside. (Save a few to crumble on top!)

4. Put all 4 Tbs of chocolate chips in the glass mixing bowl you will be using and microwave it on 50% power for 50 second intervals until soft enough to smear (or gently melt on low in a pot). See below:



5. Take coconut milk cans out of the fridge, and turn them upside down and open with a can opener. This way, you can pour out the coconut water, and all the coconut milk will be solid at the bottom.  (I did mine just the opposite – water on bottom, solid coconut cream on top).  Scoop all of the solid cream into the bowl with the melted chips.



6. Add the cocoa powder and powdered sugar and beat together with a hand mixer for about 5 minutes until it’s fluffy like whipped cream.  It won’t create stiff peaks – it is more like a mousse.

7. Add peanut butter.  I used 1 cup, but it could use more).  Beat with the mixer until completely blended.



8. Fold in most of the crushed Oreos (save some for topping!) and crumbled Reese cups until blended. (**My photo shows that I added everything – except Reese cups – to the bowl before beating.  I don’t recommend this because I think this blended up the Oreos too much.  They basically disappeared after using the mixer.  It’s a good thing I had more Oreos to use as topping!)




9. Cover and freeze for about 45 minutes. Stir it again when you take it out.  We only waited 20 minutes, so ours turned out like a soft, thick mousse.  It was delicious!  I hadn’t actually tried it fully frozen until tonight when we ate our leftovers.  It was completely frozen at first, but we let it sit out for a few minutes and it softened right up and was just as delicious as the night we made it.

10. Scoop into bowls, sprinkle with remaining Oreo crumbs and crumbled Reese cups. Enjoy!!! I sure did!!!


**Store any leftovers in an airtight container, and enjoy AGAIN!!

Improve Sex & Intimacy With These Top 5 Essential Oils

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You heard correctly – essential oils can enhance even the most private of issues – SEX & INTIMACY.

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom – I’ve shared some oil recipes for you to try out and I don’t want you to miss them!

Before I get into the oils, I have to state something.  Couples first need to connect on an emotional level and there needs to be a mutual respect between partners before intimacy can be good.  Let’s be real here – no one wants to get naked when there are past hurts lurking underneath the surface of the subconscious.  It’s the last thing on my mind when I’m upset about something my husband may have said or done.  Heck, I’ll even go as far as saying that a woman’s parts seem to just stop working when there is something amiss in a relationship.

So, if there are relational issues, work on those first (maybe diffuse some calming/grounding oils while hashing out those issues with your spouse!)

How many of you have used, or heard, these excuses:

“I’m too tired”
“I’m not feeling well”
I have a headache”
I have to wake up early tomorrow”
I’m just not feelin’ it right now”
“I just ate a whole frozen pizza”  
(Just me on this last one?  No?)

Sound familiar?  While I have no doubt that these excuses are almost always the truth – that doesn’t mean that you feel any less rejected, or less like a failure, when it does happen.  There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about – your body may just need a little help at different times in your life!

We can be physically fit, mentally strong, spiritually strong, have a great job and everything going for us – but if our sexuality and hormones are out of whack, it can really toss a web blanket on a romantic date night.

As you may already know, our sense of smell is powerful in accessing the limbic system of our brain, which in turn can affect our libido. Aromatherapist, Dr. Naresh Arora, has stated, “The essential oils do magic and stimulate the pituitary gland, the master of endocrine gland, which controls hormone production.  Inactiveness of pituitary gland can lead to low sex drive.  So, the oils help keep it in an active state.”

Now for the GOOD STUFF!

So if you’ll let me, I’d like to share with you some of the best oils to inspire passion, create closeness and intimacy and spur on those feelings you know are in there somewhere!




Ylang Ylang flower

For a while now, ylang ylang has been known for its aphrodisiac properties.  Both in men and women.  It has a very floral scent that is so strong that you may not be able to tolerate more than a half drop or 1 full drop.  It has a very calming effect on the body and heart, which is why I use it for helping me sleep and with occasional anxious feelings.  It is known to foster feelings of love and security.

Application: Diffuse or apply to the bones behind the ears, over your heart, and below your belly button.



Clary Sage flower

Clary sage is one of my go-to oils for when I am having my “lady issues” each month.  When you feel that agitation rising on the morning of the first day of your period, and want to bite everyone’s heads off, this is the oil to go to.  It has a sort of sweet, almost grassy scent.  It has been traditionally used to promote hormonal balance in the body.  And when your hormones are not functioning properly, your libido will be lower than normal.  It has sedative properties, which help you release the stresses of the day from your shoulders.  Stress and tension often play a part in low libido.  Interestingly, clary sage has also been used by a client of mine to help reduce her smoking habit.

Application: Apply a few drops on the bottoms of the feet and wrists/forearms daily.  If you don’t mind the scent, then on the back of the neck is a great location as well.



This pre-mixed blend of essential oils contains:  Patchouli, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Cinnamon, Cistus Absolute, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Cocoa Bean Absolute, and Vanilla Bean Absolute.  YUM, right??  It is the only perfume a woman should ever wear.  100% pure, but powerful.  Every single oil in this blend is meant to help a woman feel confident, joyful, peaceful, while also elevating the emotions and reducing stress. It helps balance the hormones in our body – which is why I am going to start wearing this one daily!

Application: Apply on the bones behind your ears, the wrists and heart.



Cinnamon Bark

Whoever says they don’t like the smell of cinnamon is just plain nuts. It is known to be a powerful brain tonic.  All I know is that it tastes delicious in cinnamon rolls, or in pumpkin pie – who would’ve thought it could actually have so many physical benefits.  It has been known to enhance energy and reduce fatigue.  But today it has been known more for “sexual harmony.”  It has been said that cinnamon supports the reproductive system, assists you in accepting your body and embracing your physical attractiveness.  It nurtures healthy sexuality and rekindles sexual feelings after repression, trauma or abuse.

Application: Please dilute this hot oil (one part cinnamon, 4 parts carrier oil).  Carrier oils such as fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond or jojoba oil are my favorites for dilution. You can also diffuse it regularly with other oils in your home – my favorites are clove, orange, cardamom and cassia.  Also, apply a couple drops to the big toe and ankle (which are known as the reflexology points for libido).



This unique blend of oils not only Ignites feelings of excitement, passion and joy, it also counteracts negative feelings of boredom and disinterest (not that your sex life is boring!).  (Message below if you want to find out where to get this specific blend.)  This delicious blend includes:  Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger Rhizome, Clove, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Vanilla Bean, Damiana Leaf.  As I recently learned from Dr. Pappas, a world-renowned essential expert, Damiana Leaf in itself is a very strong euphoric and relaxant oil.  (I’ve got to get me a gallon of that!)

Application:  Apply 1-2 drops to the back of the neck, over the heart, on the inside of the wrists or diffuse for best results. 

I hope at least one of these suggestions will help you with any intimacy issues you might be experiencing, and bring about healing and restoration to your sex life.

Here are a few recipes I created that you might find helpful (and fun!):






Norwegian Krumkake Christmas Cookies with Cardamom Oil (Whew! Say that 5 times fast!)

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Krumkake (pronounced “croom kaga”) is a delicious delicate and crumbly cookie that Scandinavians make at Christmas time.  Being 100% Norwegian myself, I am always looking for ways to learn about my ancestry and our traditions.  Speaking of which – I recently did a family tree through Ancestry.com.  Everything was going great…until I got out to about 300 AD, where it claimed that I was related to the Norwegian “gods,” Thor and Odin.  Wait, what??  I decided that was a good stopping point.  I mean…what could have been beyond the Norse gods in my tree?  The tooth fairy – maybe Santa Claus?

Ever since I was a child, mom would talk about the krumkake that her mom used to make them make, along with lefse, riskrem (rice pudding), spritz cookies and boller.  Out of all of those tasty treats, my mom only made boller.  I always wished she’d make krumkake, but she didn’t have the iron for it.  Krumkake was something I’ve only had at my aunt Judy’s house, and that changes now.  I’ve decided to make this a new family tradition for us now that I have my own krumkake iron!

The smell of boller (or as we called them, “Norwegian buns” or “mom’s buns” *snicker* was one of my all time favorite scents.  The scent of cardamom and sweet dough would fill the house and make it so warm and inviting.  Krumkake is not always made with cardamom, but I added it to my Christmas Krumkake recipe to give it that special nostalgic flavor I love so much.

FYI – I am not a pro – and to be completely honest with you, this was my first time making krumkake.  They should have been a little darker. Better luck next time, right?  But they did taste awesome.

To make krumkake, you first need a special iron.  What makes it special is the traditional rosemaling design on the iron plates.  You have 2 options when looking for an iron.  You could get the old fashioned iron, which you place over a hot stove and have to flip halfway through cooking.  Or, you could opt for the electronic Krumkake Express iron like I have below.  I found mine on Amazon for $50.

Once you have the batter mixed, you will place a tablespoon onto the middle of the iron and press the lid down so that it spreads the batter out to form a full cookie.  Follow the lights on the iron – red means wait, green means it’s done – no surprise.


The below photo shows what it will look like before you gently pull it off the iron with a butter knife or a long, skinny spatula.  I put a little too much batter in this one, so it spread out over the edges.

Immediately after you remove the cookie from the iron, you have to roll it onto the cone to make the cone shape as in the photo below.  Let it sit for 10 seconds until it cools slightly.  During this time you could put some more batter on the iron to get your next cookie started.

Gently remove the cone and allow the cookie to cool completely on a wire rack.  This is important.  If you lie the cookie on parchment paper, the bottom will retain moisture and make it chewy.  You want it completely dry and crumbly.

If you make your krumkake a little darker than the one above, it will have a better chance of being delicate and crumbly.  See below.





1/2 cup butter, soft
1/2 cup sugar
3 large eggs
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 drops 100% pure cardamom essential oil (or 1/2 tsp ground cardamom)
6 Tbs. water
Krumkake Iron

Heat your Krumkake iron (I used setting 3 on the electronic iron).  Beat butter and sugar until creamy.  Add the eggs and mix well.  Add flour, vanilla, and water and mix until blended.  Let the mixture stand for 30 minutes before using.  Bake the cookies according to iron instructions.  Roll the warm cookies around the stick that comes with the iron.  Let cool on wire rack COMPLETELY.  I cannot stress this enough.  Even the slightest bit of moisture will ruin the crumbliness you are looking for.  Garnish with powdered sugar.   (* If you are going to fill them with whipped cream or any other filling, you will want to do it immediately before serving.  Do not fill them ahead of time or they will get soggy, and no one likes a soggy krumkake.)


Low Fat Spiced Cassia & Cardamom Glazed Pecans

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Merry Christmas!

I have been wanting to do this blog for months now, and finally had some spare time.  (I know…spare time?  What is that?!)

Every Christmas, I see recipes for spiced pecans on Pinterest, and have been dying to make my own with ESSENTIAL OILS!  Weee!!!  They make wonderful flavoring agents to baked goods, in lieu of dried spices from the grocery store.  While the heat of the oven will bake off any of the health properties of the oils, the flavor will remain! 

PLEASE NOTE:  do not just use any ol’ essential oils that you find at the store.  Most oils purchased at stores are not pure and are not labeled as consumable.  Please be sure the oils you are using are from a reputable source, are labeled as consumable, and are 100% pure.  If you need some direction, please leave me your email in a comment below.
I have chosen to spice my pecans with cassia, cardamom and cinnamon.  I chose these 3 because they are perfect for the Fall/Winter holidays because they are so warm and comforting.

Cassia is one of my favorite scents to diffuse in my home when I want to make it home-y and inviting (along with cardamom and wild orange!).  Cassia smells like cinnamon, but softer and sweeter.

Cardamom is another one of my favorites.  It is used in many Scandinavian baked goods.  I grew up eating boller (or “mom’s Norwegian buns,” as we called them) *snicker* which contains this spice.  So, every time I smell cardamom, it reminds me of mom’s buns *snicker snicker*.   We’d eat them as a snack with butter and strawberry jam.  Sooooo gooood.  (I will be doing a boller blog as soon as I find more of that spare time lying around!)

Cinnamon was the final spice chosen for this tasty treat.  I could have left it out, because those other 2 spices are delicious enough on their own.  If you leave any of them out, make sure you double one of the other oils.  You want to make sure you have enough flavor.  And 2 total drops of oil doesn’t quite give the pecans enough spiciness!  (Also, if you don’t have essential oils, you could always substitute the oils with powdered spices.  I would use 1/2 tsp of each spice)



The recipe below is very easy.  If you don’t have Ziploc bags, just use 2 large mixing bowls.  If you use any different spices, be sure to comment below and let me know how they turn out –  I’d love to hear of different combos!  I have seen some recipes out there with cayenne, cumin, sriracha sauce or turmeric on their spiced nuts, but I am not a fan of super spicy things.  Cinnamon, cardamom and cassia are spicy enough!

No need to diffuse any essential oils in your home while baking these nuts.  The aroma from the nuts will fill your home and make you grab a glass of eggnog, pop in a DVD of “Elf” or “A Christmas Story” and get cozy!



Gift box them and give them to a friend!


When the nuts are finally baked and cooled, you can put them in holiday-themed tins or mason jars and make cute and budget-friendly Christmas gifts.   You can go one step further and decorate the jars with ribbon and a fancy nametag.  Add that personal touch!  I love crafty things, but have no time to decorate, so I re-use gift boxes/tins that I’ve collected over the years.  Spiced nuts make great teacher gifts!  Put out a bowl of these nuts at a Christmas party or toss them on top of your salad.  Even kids will gobble them up!


Cassia Cardamom Glazed Pecans

2 egg whites
2 Tbs melted butter (can be omitted)
1/2 Tbs vanilla extract
1/2 Tbs water
1 lb pecan halves
1/2 cup sugar (I used brown)
1 drop cassia essential oil
1 drop cardamom essential oil
1 drop cinnamon essential oil
1/2 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 250°. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a gallon sized freezer bag, mix together the egg whites, melted butter, vanilla extract, essential oils and water.

In a second gallon sized freezer bag, mix together the sugar and salt.

Add pecans to the bag with the egg white mixture. Seal the bag and shake around the pecans until they are evenly coated.

Transfer the coated pecans to the bag with the sugar mixture. Seal the bag and shake around until the pecans are evenly coated with the sugar mixture.

Spread the pecans on the prepared baking sheet. Bake for one hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Cool completely.


I hope you enjoy this recipe!  Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Lemon Water Tonic – A Miracle? Seems that way!

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Good morning!

I have to start out by telling you flat out that this tonic is pretty darn amazing.  I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops because my results after drinking this tonic for about 6 months have been pretty life changing.  In my opinion, it’s a miracle drink – I can say that since I’m not trying to sell it to you. 😉

I’ve had gastric issues for about 6 years now, and nothing ever helped me.  I saw so many doctors and did so many tests to see what was wrong with me – I’ll be paying off those bills for quite a while!  What a waste – the results didn’t tell me anything helpful.

I had a laundry list of symptoms that were unexplained, so I started going to a nutritionist.  I went to her monthly for a couple of years to gently detox my system from heavy metals and other environmental toxins.  She taught me about making healthier food choices, and why whole foods and whole food supplements were important.  I felt somewhat better, but still had many unexplained symptoms.

When I first started making this drink, I only used warm water with a fresh-squeezed lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar.  I drank it every morning before my breakfast for a couple of months.  At first, I wasn’t sure if it was helping my gastric issues.  But since I had read so many wonderful things about lemon water, I knew that if I kept drinking it I would benefit from it eventually.  I learned that raw, unfiltered honey has the most health benefits, so I started using that instead of the cheap-o kind I was using (think plastic bottle in the shape of a bear….horrible).  Then, I read that adding baking soda to lemon water has even more health benefits, even cancer prevention, so I started adding that to my drink.

All I can say is WOW!  I sure noticed some changes.  I no longer had excessive gas after every meal.  I wasn’t bloating as often.  I wasn’t burping as much throughout the day (I would literally burp every couple of minutes).  I also noticed that I didn’t have explosive bouts of diarrhea (sorry, TMI?) after eating ice cream or pizza.  My skin is clearer (but I also use Arbonne’s anti-aging skin care, which has something to do with that!), and I haven’t gotten sick in a while.

I also now take digestive enzymes with every meal, to help my stomach break down the food.  And I take very good quality supplements.  I know that everything must play a part in how much better I am feeling today vs. 6 years ago.

I always recommend this lemon tonic to anyone who tells me that they have digestive issues.  I will probably drink this tonic for as long as I live.  Even if you don’t have stomach issues, there are so many other health benefits (listed below) that it doesn’t hurt to try it for yourself.  If you are consistent and drink this tonic every single morning before breakfast, you will notice changes eventually.  Still a skeptic?  Google “lemon honey water” and read on!  There are so many great articles by doctors and health and wellness practitioners praising lemon water.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Why lemon, honey, baking soda and apple cider vinegar?  What makes them so special?”  I have gathered some information and compiled it all here:

Goodness in the Lemon

Lemons are phenomenal little citrus fruits because they are rich in vitamin C, which enhances beauty by rejuvenating the skin from the inside.  It helps in weight loss, and is a very alkaline fruit (once it is in the body – otherwise it is acidic).

Lemons are a great source of polysaccharides, organic acids especially citric acid, lipids, carotenoid, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, bitter limonoids, potassium, bioflavonoids, and vitamin C.  Lemons also include volatile oil (in the peel – where the lemon essential oils come from), limonene, alpha-terpinene, alpha-pinene, citral, coumarins, mucilage, pectins, and bioflavonoids (pith and peel).

Goodness in the Honey

Honey is a great source of good carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids.  Honey contains small amounts of the B vitamins riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6.  It also contains vitamin C, and the minerals calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium, chromium and manganese.  The darker the honey, the greater antioxidants.  Honey also contains organic acids such as acetic, butanoic, formic, citric, succinic, lactic, malic, pyroglutamic and gluconic acids, and a number of aromatic acids.

Goodness in the Apple Cider Vinegar

(This will knock your socks off!)  (I use Bragg’s organic ACV, which says “With the Mother” on the front of the bottle.  This phrase means that it still contains all of the good stuff, unlike other apple cider vinegars that are void of it).  ACV contains pectin, Vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B2 and B6, biotin, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, and small amounts of minerals like potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and iron.  It has a wide range of benefits, such as it:  helps stomach troubles, cures hiccups, soothes a sore throat, could lower cholesterol, prevents indigestion, clears a stuffy nose, aids in weight loss, gets rid of dandruff, clears acne, boosts energy, cuts down on nighttime leg cramps, banishes bad breath, whitens teeth, fades bruises, helps control blood sugar.  Amazing – and it’s only about $8 for a large bottle at the grocery store!

Goodness in the Baking Soda

Baking Soda isn’t just for baking cookies!  When consumed, it works by immediately kicking stomach acid in the face, which then helps relieve heartburn, indigestion and even ulcer pain.  When consumed in a lemon tonic, it gets your digestive juices flowing, and will help your stomach in digestion.  If that wasn’t enough, it is also known to alkalize the body and help with kidney disease, cancer, athletic performance, skin conditions and can be used in homemade deodorants (RECIPE HERE) and toothpaste (RECIPE HERE).

Some Health Benefits of this tonic:

  1. Enhances metabolism.
  2. Aids digestion.
  3. Cleanses the intestines, which improves the absorption of nutrients.
  4. Boosts your immune system.
  5. Cleans your urinary tract.
  6. Balances pH levels.
  7. Clears skin.
  8. Promotes healing.
  9. Freshens breath.
  10. Hydrates your lymph system.
  11. Aids in weight loss.
  12. Boosts energy.

I am sure this isn’t even an exhaustive list.  But it is a very good start!  I feel that everyone should drink this daily, and I hope you will give it a try.  If you don’t have all of the ingredients, make sure you at least have water, honey, lemon and ACV.  Those are good enough in themselves for boosting your immune system.



  • 8 oz. warm water
  • 1 fresh-squeezed lemon
  • 1 tsp raw, Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 Tbs raw, unfiltered, organic honey (the darker the better)
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda (aluminum-free)

First, heat up the water in either a glass or ceramic mug, for 35-40 seconds in the microwave.  Next, stir in the honey until it is dissolved.  Then you can add in the ACV and baking soda.  (**you can toss in some of your favorite essential oils if you’d like!)

The last part is a little tricky.  Before you add the lemon juice to the mixture, be forewarned!   It can get messy if you don’t slooowly add it in.  The baking soda reacts to the acid in the lemon juice and foams up quick!!  I’ve had mine spill out onto my counter a few times.  If you slowly add the lemon juice, but use a spoon to break up the foam as you continue to pour the lemon juice, you should be alright.  I drink it with a stainless steel straw because the acid from the lemon can eat away at your teeth.  If you don’t have one, just sip it, but rinse your mouth with water from the faucet after you finish your drink.

So, if any of you start doing this daily, and notice some changes in your health, please feel free to tell me about it!  🙂  I love success stories!